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This is the page devoted to kits currently in the nestbox or those waiting to be born. Updates and pictures will remain on this page until aprox. 2 weeks after birth. At which time updated pictures and information will placed under Young Stock. Weekly pictures and updates will be posted until weaning date, at which time each animal will be moved to their breed page or the For Sale page. You can "call dibs" on baby rabbits by emailing me at rabbitgirlsrabbitranch@gmail.com.

Currently there are 35 kits in nestboxs in my rabbitry.


Mothers who don't have babies yet.


March 14:

Tan- Athena and Shandy

March 16:

Dwarf Hotot- Hope and Buddy


Mothers who lost their litters after birth.
Lyric and Hades- 2 babies
Faith and Buddy- 2 babies


Babies still with their mothers

Pandora and Apollo 4/17/13

10 babies! WOW!

Jazlyn and Apollo 4/15/13

7 babies. Jazlyn died after birthing, 2 babies sent to be with Lydia, 2 babies sent to be with Sally, 3 babies sent to be Joy.

Joy and Buddy 4/14/13

4 Babies. 2 Sport 2 Correctly Marked.

Sally and Crater 4/14/13

7 babies. 2 Blue 5 White.

Lydia and Apollo- 4/14/13

7 babies.