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Hello I'm April and I started rabbits in 2007 for 4-H and now I'm hooked. My first breed that I had was Rex. Snowflake was my first rabbit but sadly she died just over a year after I got her(see below).

 I soon developed Satin and Mini Satin, then Holland Lop and Flordia White. And at my first ARBA Nationals I got the rare breed... Harlequin! After a while I started Dwarf Hotots from Creekstone Rabbitry. I then went to the 2010 ARBA National Convention and started experimenting in in the following breeds: American Sable, Lilac, Palomino, Silver, Tan, and Thrianta. Then after learning the consequences of over population (I had over 160 head!) I started culling back my numbers. I currently have 2 or more rabbits in the following breeds: Dwarf Hotot, Lilac, Mini Satin, and Tan. I own one Palomino.

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RabbitGirl's Rabbit Ranch is officially updated as of 4-15-13. Minor changes will still occur throughout the site. Site is now monitored daily, don't hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns.

On another note: My rabbitry population is extremely low at 15 head (excluding newly born kits) therefore I have NO ANIMALS FOR SALE! However if you would like to check out the nestbox (click on "nestbox" tab above) and contact me for any requests or "dibs" you would like to place on any animals PLEASE CONTACT ME at the email stated above.

Thank You for you patience.

RabbitGirl's Rabbit Ranch Owner, April

My First Rabbit

My first rabbit was a Broken-Otter Black Rex doe. I named her Snowflake. I had showed her for a while until she wasn't big enough. She had two litters. A few days after she had her litter though she died. She was born Februrary 2, 2007 and she died July 23, 2008.

Because of her I kept Rexs in her honor until this summer when I sent the rest of my Rex herd, now elderly, to relatives looking for petting zoo rabbits, to live the rest of their lives. 



  Do you reconize her? This is Izzy. She is an exception of our Holland Lops. My mom and I fell in love with her and her, incase you didn't notice, blue eyes. We tried showing her but she had got old and wasn't show material anymore. Now she will live the rest of her life....a pet! 

RIP March 29, 2005- December 17, 2012


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